About Us

This blog is designed  to bring you a collection of items and articles I have come across during browsing which I think are worth displaying and giving a bit more of an in depth look .  They are things that have caught my eye when I have been browsing for presents or ideas for presents for various friends and relatives and I think, “that would be perfect for……” and I never seem to remember to book mark the site or save the details, and then I can never find it again! So this blog began to allow me to collect my ideas for the perfect personalised gift and that enables me to remeber and revisit so many of the good ideas that I have come across on sites like Folksy and Etsy, Pinterest and facebook and those little independent craft sites with their individual artisan owners who have some fantastic creations on offer, and truly do give you a personalised gift that is one of a kind. Then it occurred to me that other people may like to see my collected items and so this blog was born. Hope you enjoy it and find something worthwhile  that is just right for you.

Initial letter with name through centre

Framed paper cut of decorative letter with name